Torchy Bumpers was found in the seat of a carnival thrill ride, nestled in a greasy cardboard box, and swaddled in a crumpled newspaper. The coochie dancer took pity on the babe, and raised the child as her own, as the show traveled from town to town across the country. Torchy admired her mom's agility and manimal magnetism, and eventually picked up a few moves, which made her very popular with the boys (although none of them recognized her picture) - and the police. The cops collared her one night making out with a lawyer in the relative dark of the shadow of a wooden cigar Indian. When the lawyer was accused of public drunkenness and statutory rape, Torchy protested loudly, "He wasn't drunk! He told me he had just passed the bar! and it couldn't have been statutory. That Indian was stone still, and my ass was wiggling like crazy!"

Bare Necessities - Jonny May

Lottie LaRue joins us from a ranch in Oklahoma, where she was famous for the way she handled the cowboys' rifles (and the occasional pistol).  She continues to toy with men's affections the way she plays with balls - three at a time, unless the mood strikes her for a little more.  She has performed her tricks for the high and the low - from European royalty to U.S. politicians.  She will juggle and jiggle for you!
Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin

Ruby Martini was born into a house of rowdy spies and raised on a gritty, dusty, dirt road. Her first memories are of visceral V8’s and pavement hugging rear-ends; a most natural gateway to Ruby’s determined, focused, haulin’-ass, hot-rod lifestyle. Ruby is truly a kitten at heart, but approaches every day with the sass and big-slappy-paw of a lioness.

Rock N Roll Ruby - Webb Wilder

Amanda Holder was born at night, but not last night.  She has travelled to several undisclosed countries, working for government agencies popular with action movie stars.  Amanda is blessed with with a sense of adventure and a knack for sarcasm unparalleled.  She  fills most non-performing roles in the troupe, including sound and light engineer.
Send Lawyers, Guns and Money - Warren Zevon

Frankie Inferno is the reincarnation of Soph, one of the original Vaudeville burlesque dancers.  From his previous life he inherited a wealth of spicy stories, and from his current life he picked up an enviable set of dance moves.  Weekends he can be found haunting neighborhood burlesque houses, as Soph double-checks to make sure no one is stealing her act.

Some of These Days - Sophie Tucker

About Our Troupe

Anita Brandy is perfect for after dinner.  Full of exciting and educational anecdotes, she knows where all the bodies are buried, because she asked the butler to put them there.  Her maids will tell you there is no dust on the skeletons in her closets.  And if she adds a bit of tipple to her tea, who would dare complain?

Monotonous - Eartha Kitt

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe

"The Cleanest Dirty Fun You Will Ever Have"

Ella Vator­ cut her teeth in burlesque in Paris, specifically at the shows in MontMarte.  She has climbed the highest mountains and delved into the lowest canyons.  She is a true adventurer and survivor.  She will steal your heart, and may not give it back.  Push the right button, and she will take you up or she will take you down!
Devil With a Blue Dress - Mitch Ryder

Magnolia Steele.  The southernest belle you will ever meet.  Born to a very wealthy family, she originally planned to go into the family business of running liquor across state lines and bribing politicians.  Fortunately for us, she saw the error of her ways and now is more than happy to let the liquor and bribes come to her.

I Need a Little Sugar In My Bowl - Bessie Smith