King Street Bar, Hillsborough, NC

Haven Salon, Hillsborough, NC

Oenophilia Wine Accessories, Hillsborough, NC

Hillsborough Chamber, Hillsborough NC

Melissa Designer Jewelry, Hillsborough, NC

PHE, INC., Hillsborough, NC

Author Michael Malone, Hillsborough, NC

The Wooden Nickel Pub, Hillsborough, NC

Nash Street Tavern, Hillsborough, NC

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe

"The Cleanest Dirty Fun You Will Ever Have"

Rob Hetzler
Sudie Rakusin
Kathleen Ferguson
Daniel Collins
Terrie & Mike Miller

Dr. Cynthia Bulik

Eryk Pruitt & Lana Pierce


Thank you to these sponsors who always answer the call for support!  They are our partners who perform above and beyond!  Be sure and show them some love!  More coming soon! 

¤Spot Light Supporters¤:
We hope you will visit and support these fabulous establishments!
Their past, present, and future support for our community missions is pretty stellar!

New Millennium Fitness, Mebane, NC

Carlisle & Linny Vintage Jewelry, Hillsborough, NC

Purple Crow Books, Hillsborough, NC

Thomas  Stevens Gallery, Hillsborough, NC

Winged Willow Press, Carrboro, NC

Radius Pizzeria & Pub, Hillsborough, NC

Hillsborough BBQ Company, Hillsborough, NC

Regina Gale, Hillsborough, NC


We are pleased to add New Millennium Fitness to our family of sponsors!   New Millennium will host rehearsal space for The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe starting in February 2019.  Thank you New Millennium, for supporting Body Positivity through Community Performance!


Super Supporters!

Kat's Dance Classes, Hillsborough, NC

The Art of Sudie Rakusin, Hillsborough, NC

Grit and Grace, Mebane, NC

Big Bad Bear Improv, Cary, NC

Planet Right Creative, Hillsborough, NC 

The Cardinal Tattoo, Mebane, NC

Hot Tin Roof, Hillsborough, NC