The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe is an all-volunteer, community performance troupe based in Hillsborough, NC.  The Troupe was formed in 2012, and has continued performing since their first show hit the stage in 2013.

The Troupe has two  missions:

Align With Local Non-Profits to Assist in Their Fund-Raising Efforts, and

“Supporting Body Positivity Through Community Performance.©”

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe brings a Vaudeville-style Variety show to the stage, and donates all intake to non-profit missions.  We value our non-profit partners and are always open to expanding our alignment network.

Our primary alignment is with
The UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders.  We hold an annual fund-raising event for UNC CEED.  We have held an annual fund-raiser on their behalf since our inception.

Our Troupe Mission is to promote body positivity and embrace the uniqueness of every individual; not only within the Troupe, but also with our audiences and supporters.  We celebrate shape and form, and promote confidence, talent exploration and stage presence.  All of our performers are benevolent, playful volunteers!

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe hosts an Annual Invitational Fund-raiser to benefit the Troupe so that we can continue our missions.  If you are interested in being invited to our Annual Event, email us your interest and we will make sure to add you to the list!

If you are interested in booking The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe to perform for your non-profit, please contact Ruby Martini.

Here are some of our non-profit partners and community groups.  Please visit their websites and learn more about their important missions!

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe

"The Cleanest Dirty Fun You Will Ever Have"