Who Are the Bottom Line Burlesque?

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe is an all volunteer, community performance troupe based in Hillsborough, NC.  We align with non-profit groups and local causes to assist in their fund-raising efforts.  Our primary alignment is with the UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders.  We hold an annual fund-raising event for UNC CEED.  This event is to help boost awareness of Anorexia, Bulimia, Body Dysmorphia, and other disorders.  We also educate our audience about the goals and missions of UNC CEED. 

One of our Troupe Goals is to celebrate body acceptance and celebrate the uniqueness of every individual; not only within the Troupe, but also with our audiences and supporters.

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe hosts several Marketing Missions throughout their performance year as well.  These Marketing Missions allow the Troupe to continue their sassy, but serious campaigns throughout central North Carolina.  

If you are interested in booking The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe to perform for your non-profit or if you are interested in one of our marketing missions, please contact Ruby Martini on our contact page.


July 21st:  We are excited to present our First Annual Invitational!  If you are on our mailing list, you will receive an invitation to this fund-raising event.  If you want to be added to the fun, please link over to our “Contact” page, and send us a request.

August 11th:  Fund-raiser for ORANGE COUNTY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY.  Join us at Botanist & Barrel in lovely Cedar Grove, just north of Historic Hillsborough, NC.  More information coming soon!

The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe

"The Cleanest Dirty Fun You Will Ever Have"

June 2nd:  Join us at the Beaver Queen Pageant, where our contest, Tuna Turner will be raising funds for the Ellerbee Creek Watershed Association.  Donate, vote, and get the details at the official Beaver Queen Pageant site. 

October 6th:  The Bottom Line Burlesque & Comedy Troupe will offer pre-show entertainment at the 8th Annual Little Pink Houses of Hope Gala Event “Dancing with the Stars” fund-raiser, in Alamance County.  For more details and to purchase DWTS tickets, visit:https://www.littlepink.org

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